“Action Beats Intention” Mindset Lessons From Running Across America | Will Goodge x Rich Roll

Published 2023-10-30
Rich sits down with ultrarunner Will Goodge to talk about the lessons he learned running 3,000+ miles in 55 days across the U.S. To read more about Will and peruse the full show notes, go here👉🏾bit.ly/richroll790
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00:00:00 Intro
00:03:35 The Unorthodox Ultra Runner
00:07:40 The Impact of William's Mother
00:13:33 Rugby and His Mother's Battle with Cancer
00:18:35 Tackling Bigger Challenges and First Marathon Experience
00:21:20 Preparing for the Transcontinental Race
00:22:03 Inspiration from Robbie Balenger
00:30:54 Running Long Distance without a Strong Base
00:36:07 Running 48 Marathons in 30 Days
00:41:20 Entering the Unknown
00:42:51 Prep and Training to Run Across America
00:46:19 Trust in the Team
00:52:04 Lowest Moment
00:57:48 Controversy and Records
01:00:35 Encounter with Trans-Con Critic
01:13:55 The Excitement of Finishing Trans-Con in NYC
01:17:13 Surreal Finish in Central Park
01:22:24 Pushing Physical Limits
01:24:02 What Happens When You Transition from Aspiration to Inspiration?
01:27:05 Mindset and Pushing Limits
01:34:30 Modern Storytelling within the Tension of Social Media
01:43:46 Starting Slow and Building Speed
01:44:28 Action is the Intention to Pursuing Dreams
01:45:35 Knowing One's Capabilities
01:54:09 Final Mantra: If I Can, I Will
01:58:15 Closing Remarks
01:59:43 Credits

* * * * *

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  • @richroll
    Thanks for watching! Amazingly, about 80% of the views on this channel are from people who are not subscribed. If that's you and and we have provided value, please take a moment to subscribe and let me know your thoughts on this conversation in the comments below. Also, if you're inspired by Will, consider donating to his GoFundMe for cancer research (link in description) and to learn/read more about Will and peruse the show notes, visit: bit.ly/richroll790
  • @julianlengfelder
    Goosebumps in the first minute. "You can always take another step"
  • @Jack-Heathwood
    Listening to Will articulate that his response to grief was running, resonates on such a deep level with me personally. At the beginning of my running journey circa 15 years ago I lost a very close friend very young. Running was an almost 'autopilot' like response to the situation which undoubtedly helped me. Recently having lost another very close friend to suicide, I am blessed to say that running, in an almost insulating fashion, creates a time vacuum for me where time stops, enabling me to process grief in my own time. Or how Will so accurately articulated 'break myself down and rebuild myself.' I have been considering different running pursuits/challenges to elevate my relationship with running...listening to the scale of Will's journey has inspired me to push the boat out. This is a podcast I will come back to time and time again. Thank you, love from Ireland!
  • @apedicini
    The value of a fitness journey speaks volumes in this podcast! A great reminder that it's a Privilege To Run!
  • @beachnap
    Thanks to both you and Will for having this long-form conversation to reflect upon his experiences more deeply and get a glimpse of what he might do next. As much as his physical feats are extraordinary, I admire his attitude most of all.
  • @laylas7429
    I relate so much to what you were saying about associating running with a time that you felt your best mentally and physically. I also used to be a cross country runner, and watching this video has inspired me to become a runner again! Thanks so much for sharing your journey, and I’m sure you have helped many people by putting this out there… 👍❤️
  • @ourwilliam2405
    One of the best podcasts ive ever listened to.
    Thanks so much
  • @mariannewolf57
    Thanks for all of your incredible interviews, Rich! I've learned so much from you over the years, watching your inspiring podcasts has long become a valuable part of my life. Subscribed years ago- it's the least thing to do. Peace from Austria.
  • @WeakToElite
    Thank you - im physicallt unprepared for my first 100km in 13 weeks but mentally inm have no doubt i will finish, even if i have to crawl
  • @thomaslover239
    Cancer is ALWAYS a bitch! Thank you for your efforts towards ending this horrible taker of family!
  • @nadadoraid8147
    Will is one of the very real-life guys out there. So happy to finally hear a "normal" young person talk on your show. I have not heard their voice talk in long time (being non-traditional ultra runner is a needed breathe of fresh air). All humans are natural born runners. He represents youth and development. I appreciate how you share your struggles Will (and say many things other people may not be brave enough to share). Respect! I am proud of you and want to tell you that you are one of the stronger souls. Keep your friends, as we get older, it becomes harder to make them. Your mom is part of you and part of your beautiful brother and dad. She is watching you all and always there protecting all of you.
  • @alzgeckoz
    I love people that are authentically themselves like this guy 🎉
  • @dannymeske3821
    My athletic career has been in order; Walking, Gymnastics, surfing, tennis, and finally at 77yrs running I'm so excited! Oh yes I'm looking into Pickle Ball too.
  • @lisawade8544
    How inspiring to turn pain into something beautiful!
  • @gayegerard
    Absolutely Loved this podcast Rich, Will was so incredibly articulate, inspiring and so full of wisdom. I really enjoyed it so many great moments in this! Thanks for all you do Rich. Have a wonderful weekend :)
  • @rrff1643
    Peace from Belgium Rachid 🇧🇪