Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Published 2023-11-18
From simple algorithms to complex, self-learning systems, this is the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Perception of AI
02:02 The Past
06:54 The Present
11:29 The Future

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All Comments (21)
  • @Br0ken_playz
    Bro this is all I am learning right now in A.I class , Mostly the part "The Past" in the video( I am in 9th grade btw). And you explain it way better than our teacher lol Thanks!!
  • @mitsunam7001
    Even though it developed so much, I don't think they can't even click "I am not a robot" or CAPTCHA, neither the humans do...
  • @BlueWormyYT
    Finally a video that I get to watch 2 minutes after it released
  • @NO-1-U-NO
    🙂👊 Great job Flatlife for all of your hard work on the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!
  • @yan3066
    I must say, if students are already relying on A.I. to do their homeworks, can you imagine how dependant humanity will become with A.I.

    Some people can't already live without internet, but here is another "tool" that will become a "necessity" in the future. I'm sorry but humanity isn't going forward in term of independancy. We've become more addict and more dependant over technology than ever, and it won't improve as I see it.
  • @UthyLfc
    Great animation as always! Do you think you could do evolution of Star Wars games next?
  • @SaphfireGaming
    Can you make a part 3 of the evolution of ipad? There has been a lot of new releases and i love your content ❤
  • @BatmanFan76
    It’s great to see an evolution of something that will probably take over all of our jobs very soon.
  • @davidaviles1754
    Simply for this video, I was feared by this technology how it gone off the rails for Hollywood, and it's very scary
  • @dntgmg
    I like your videos alot. can you please make a video of evolution of pegani
  • @GabeSmith-ls1xh
    And after that McDonnell Douglas, I can already imagine how the front pages that show what it’s about will be good looking
  • @arbrilliant191
    flatlife feels like fastlife because years of progress are shown in minutes
  • @BrianScottBailey
    Fun fact: City of Heroes have a robot in a game you can customize a Robot and power or Weapon like Sword, Axe, Power of Ice and Fire or More.
  • @user-br2bv3gi6t
    Love your videos i would like to see a evolution of trains
  • @khalifasy1760
    You should do the evolution of call of duty, need for speed and batman games. Nice work keep going❤️
  • @After-Life108
    You should make a video about the evolution of valve, litterally the best studio ever