I bought the THINNEST Tech in the world.

Published 2022-03-25
Buying and Unboxing the Thinnest Tech Gadgets in 2022! Thanks again to Novatech - you guys SMASHED it: www.novatech.co.uk/mrwhosetheboss Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/boss - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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All Comments (21)
  • Jennerical
    I love the fact that you put “Thinnest Rick Roll” and “Can you legally employ a cat” on the search history even if it flashed on the screen for a second. You are one of the only creators that put 100% effort and detail into their content. Keep it up!
  • HellFrozen
    this guy's videos are literally art,I am learning 3d art lately and now I can see how many things he's doing to make the video as good as possible,everything from what he wears up to the lightings and objects color in his room,it's truly a masterpiece
  • Obude Vera
    I always wanted ton become a software engineer but it always seemed so boring to me but you inspired me thank you
  • JBL fan opex :þ
    2:33 i like how he put "is it legal to employ a cat" and "can cats edit YouTube videos" and "thinnest rick astley" and "thinnest rick roll in the world".
  • Joan Saldaña
    Almost all the items you've shown were amazing!
  • Cheezballz
    The desk PC is actually really freaking cool, i would happily drop 8k on it if i wasn't broke
  • Owais Wangde
    Man, I love how he went from a smartphone focused creator to just all inventions overall. This is incredible keep it up Arun 😃
  • svnnh-chpmn
    He takes every chance to rickroll us. The search history and the printed photo. Legend
  • Zadioc
    the fact that he had "is it legal to employ a cat" in his search history is insane
  • moonlite x
    17mm thinner than 2cm. wow. who would have known?? THIS is why i watch these videos!
    2:34 Are we going to ignore that he searched up the world's thinnest rick roll?!
  • Britishblue
    Got a powerful gaming pc built into an incredibly fancy desk but still got an F processor instead of just the K lol.
  • Dark Red Scorpion
    I'm pretty sure I had thinner speakers in the early 2000s. Wish I remembered the brand to search them up on Google
  • leohobb leohobb
    Have you not heard of planar speakers? Magnepan or Appoge or planar magnetic Wisdom audio Bohlender Grabener.had speakers like that since the mid 80s myself they are fullrange speakers. Thinnest display tech possible is Oled or Amoled, around 2 paper sheets thick.
  • Ruben Sentosa
    The super thin mouse is giving me RSI by just looking at it.
  • Groovy-Momma
    I want those headphones!! Very kewl, and fun video.
  • issei
    You need to add touch screen on the the desk pc
  • tasdourian
    I really like Arun's videos, but a few recently, including this one, are so focused on rapid pace variety that you don't really get much of a sense of each product. I would prefer half the products with more time spent on many of them. I think he could retain his sense of excitement and fun with such an approach, and I personally would find it more engaging. Still, he's hands down the best producer of tech videos there is.
  • TCisTrash
    I really do hope that table-pc hybrid fusion is being put to good use. If not, you can always just give it to me :)