Part 4 Building and Safety 2014

Published 2014-02-26
The City of Santa Clarita's Building and Safety Division explains City Building Code changes implemented in 2013. This video serves as a training for engineers, contractors, architects and homeowners building in Santa Clarita. This four part series is the same training that City building inspectors receive.

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  • General Usage
    I would love to see this presenter do much more..absolutely fantastic. He has a very rare ability to keep things moving along without losing the student. Normally one feels that familiar numbing effect after a short time of trying to onboard this kind of info. Not here!
  • Kermit Pemberton
    This guy is wow..............He is the Micheal Jordan of Building Teacher.........Great Video !!!
  • Is The
    It's very revealing that the examples he used are a bunch of giant two-story houses with large room spans and tons of overhead material that can squish you like a bug. Virtually every issue mentioned isn't an issue at all with tiny houses. Tony houses are some of the safest houses in existence and Santa Clarita bans them because they don't bring in the kind of tax money and permit & inspection fee money the county, and various other interested parties, want. The top priorities for Santa Clarita are money and power/control. Safety is an afterthought.
  • miguel pinzon
    Very good video for beginners or apprentice in constructions.
  • DI2CCO
    Fantastic video’s
  • xt hydra
    i am now an architect lmao.
  • brian smith
    I did not see an example of transfer from roof to scissor truss to rake shearwall