How Easily Can You Catch Every Pokemon in Scarlet/Violet?

Published 2022-11-23
With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, I took on the challenge of completing the Pokedex as fast as possible, and while I normally attempt this with only the newest Pokemon, I tried to complete the entire Pokedex of all 400 Pokemon. This is how it went. This video took a lot of time and effort to put together, so I'd really appreciate it if you shared this with a friend. If you have any suggestions for the next video, leave it in the comments below! Have a great day :)

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0:00 - Intro
0:22 - Day 1
17:55 - Day 2
25:05 - Day 3
32:39 - Outro

All Comments (20)
  • Johnstone
    Like this if I should do a Professor Oak’s Challenge for Scarlet and Violet 😅
  • Booga Booga
    Dude, a professor oak challenge in this game is gonna be painful, because basically the entire dex is available before literally everything- yes, you dint even need Koraidon/Miraidon upgrades to get places
  • StickMaster500
    It’s still crazy that with all the new Pokémon introduced into Scarlet and Violet, we have officially past 1000 Pokémon in the National Dex going from #001 to #1010!
  • Everyone at the beginning of the game: wow hating Arven is gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience
    Everyone at the end of the game: wow hating the writers for putting Arven through SO much pain is super easy, barely an inconvenience.
  • Angela White
    Maushold actually has an evolution animation, yet it can randomly evolve in your party and box. weirdest evolution method to date
  • Rin
    The fact that you managed to accomplish this Challenge and edit the video within LESS than a week is ridiculous!
    Love your content and enjoy watching all your Videos ❤
  • Nathan Cotrill
    Main change I want in a patch is the ability to use quick balls outside of battle like PLA. Would make sense
  • Wagg Shore
    It almost certainly took you more than 32 hours. Small Ant discovered that the in game time is calculated through frames, not real world time. He had been playing for 16 hours and the game only logged 14.5 hours due to the drops in framerate. Will be very interesting to see if this can be done in less than 24 hours though!
  • Ho sieu
    I have to admit that they appeared to have stepped up their game from the first wave. This is impressive. All these tracks look actually pretty good and the mixes sound great.
  • dsg Fgcx
    unimaginable. Thank you for this exquisite stream, I will never forget this experience
  • Clint Kuvalis
    Watching him again makes me feel so calm its like he was alive again with his cheerful content
  • Kyle Mathurin
    Easiest way to experience the entire game as a viewer. Thanks! ❤
  • The open world-ness was definitely an aid. I was 15 levels above everything almost constantly no matter where I went. I only lost once to the desert titan, and never lost again hahaha. Arceus was much more difficult imo.
  • Dai nhat
    Looking back, appreciating how good of a person and how much of a blessing he is to the community :(
  • henr akjo
    Can we just appreciate the fact that he never disappoints us with his content
  • MilkyCat
    Dude, how did you do this in 5 days? You’re a madman and I love to see it.
  • Brian BigBoss

    Me, who already has Finizen evolved: "oh you sweet summer child"