I Redesigned Minecraft’s Most Nostalgic Maps!

Published 2024-02-03
I Redesigned the Most Nostalgic Maps in all of Minecraft!
Including the Temple of Notch, The Dropper, Skyblock, TNT Run and The Survival Games!

This minecraft hardcore episode was really fun to make! Let me know if you have any other hardcore mineacraft ideas you want me to try!

Watch the full version of us playing the maps here: ​⁠@LockDownClips

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✳️ Watch from the start! ✳️
   • A Perfect START in Minecraft Hardcore!  

Shoutout to ​⁠@GamerZyt and ​⁠@Guilf for trying out the maps! :)

Huge thanks to @AeonYoutube for the inspiration on the idea!



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This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by aCookieGod, Sandiction and Wadzee. This Minecraft Hardcore series is full of Minecraft challenges and sometimes I will make a Hardcore Minecraft Full Movie. This is similar to 100 days but better 😎

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All Comments (21)
  • @LockDownLife
    Ngl guys I didn't mean to make a gay notch statue but it just kinda turned out that way with all the colours lol 😂
  • @pizzacat4395
    "We'll need some gunpowder" proceeds to mine sand like a maniac
  • Good job LockDown props for having the will to make this. This has got to be my favourite LockDownLife Video
  • @nuqi
    This is truly next-level creativity! I'm blown away by the effort and thought put into these maps.
  • @NasiLemaKingYT
    4:06 bro literally just said "OK, so the first thing we need to do is CLEAR SOME SPACE in his NOSTRILS." like it's not weird.
  • @LockDownClips
    Watch the full version of them trying the maps on this channel :))
  • @VanneSucks
    Every time I go home I show up looking like I’m beaten up after school feeling depressed But I feel happy every time I watch lockdownlife :) you cheer me up
  • @akpandapros5580
    I will do 0 pushups for every like this comment gets cuz I’m not a liar
  • This was probably one of the most enjoyable video I've seen all day. Hats off to you.
  • 22:15 Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, that made me remember old youtubers I watched, they recreated that map on there server and played at it sometimes, I remember that they made one in the snow biome and another in the jungle biome, but the diference was that they were with the luck block mod
  • @Mantixion
    I wonder if the irony of building Notch's face with rainbow colored concrete was intentional
  • @Guilf
    Let’s go! This really made me want to replay old Minecraft maps 😄
  • @uttersvans7076
    Please do a part two with things like Lucky Block Race, Bed Wars and Build Battle!
  • @cyndaquil1433
    Honestly one thing could of been using wood pressure plates instead of stone and providing snow balls allowing the players to use them as projectiles and can cause them to have to move and try to catch others off guard
  • @Yetr
    Nice work! These maps are so cool and creative. Keep it up!
  • @KingHunter911
    The Hunger Games one was a good joke. Made me laugh!
  • @capybaracool7
    hello lockdown life I’m new to this channel but you gotta be the best Minecraft YouTuber ever and always make me feel happier when I watch you. I have a big headache so it’s fun to watch you