Timothy Jones Jr. trial: prosecution closing argument | full video

Published 2019-06-03
11th Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard gave the prosecutions closing argument in the trial of Timothy Jones Jr. Jones is the South Carolina father accused of killing his five children in August of 2014.

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  • Joan Johnson
    Excellent prosecutor. He really got his points across clearly and distinctly.
  • Maggie Goff
    I have attended many trials. This is the best prosecutor that I have ever seen and heard. God bless him.
  • The last couple of witnesses out it all in perspective. He's totally sane and was even trying to manipulate testing to look insane
  • French fry
    Very powerful and emotional closing!! 🤯 TJ needs to be found guilty
  • Ms Angelz
    I am praying for the Jurors they get this right and find him Guilty!! 🙏🏼✨🙏🏼✨🙏🏼✨🙏🏼✨🙏🏼✨
  • Patricia LeClair
    Prosecutor delivered a compelling and powerful closing. GUILTY!!!!
  • mary keith
    omg. love this man. great closing. thank you.
  • Wee Annie
    Clusters of Psychopathy traits. Narcissistic behaviours. Not insane. Full of self. No consideration for anyone.
  • Maria da Luz
    A friend of mine is bipolar, when she heard voices to kill her baby she run and checked herself at the hospital, actually called me and I took her to the hospital so there's no way he couldn't have called somebody and save his babies if he really loved them. It just breaks my heart why didn't CPS go there... they always go to the wrong houses and never go two places they're most needed... 😢 💔
  • Leann Wilson
    He’s guilty, he murdered his children, no excuses for that.
  • Anatolia
    if there was ever a textbook death penalty verdict, this is it.
  • This is all so sad to me. Praying for the survivors, investigators and jury. I couldn’t do that job. Lord help our world and our kids!!
  • Judy Berends
    Tim Jones Jr. Only thought of himself all his life . ME , ME , ME. Sick in the heart more than the mind . DRUGS ARE RUINING FAMILIES.
    I'm happy that the jury will now be able to talk about the information they learned. So much from too many DR.'S very confusing .I hope they get it right .I wish them the best in their deliberations. Peace and love . 😇
  • He deserves the ultimate punishment. Death Penalty. May the rest of his days be full of suffering.
  • Olemossy Wood
    Best performing prosecuting lawyer for this task at hand! By way far! Hit the nail on its head to describing the kind of man(monster) this Timothy is. This lawyer deserves all exceeding PROPS for his direct, perfect prosecuted case against this monster!! Amen to you SIR! Excellent job..well done ✅