JIMIN IS RAPPING NOW?! | Rapper Reacts to Jimin Of BTS - 'Set me Free Pt.2' (FIRST REACTION)

Published 2023-03-17
Rapper reacts to Jimin Of BTS for the first time!! His viral song 'Set me Free Pt.2' Official MV

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BTS Reactions. BTS Album Review Color Coded Lyrics Full Reaction Breakdown Hidden Meanings MV M/V Rap 지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV Jimin First Reaction Rap Full Analysis

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All Comments (21)
  • Knox Hill
    What else should we react to? 🤔 Comment below! Also if you want to support the channel directly join the Patreon for more reactions & content 🖤 www.patreon.com/knoxhill
  • Anindita Nui
    Finally someone who understand the autotune is used to give the songs textures and layers and thats’s art! Thank you for the video!
  • It's really impossible to predict what Jimin will do. This man is full of talent and beauty. He is the best at everything he does. No one can rival him.
  • Shreya Negi
    The poem Jimin has written on his body is in German and by a famous poet called Rainer Maria Rilke.
    The poem is called ‘I live my life in widening circles’ and was written in 1899.

    It's translation:-

    I live my life in widening circles
    that reach out across the world
    I may not complete this last one
    but I will give myself to it

    I circle around God, around the primordial tower
    I've been circling for thousands of years
    and I still don't know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a great song?

    And the end, him in the white clothes, might be a reference to the second concept of his upcoming album, Face... The concepts are Hardware and Software... One can be seen by eyes but the other one cannot.. We can see his thrones but not the scars... His concept photos palette suggests this song to be of a hardware part whereas the sudden change in white might mean that after this freedom he is now ready to embrace the scars within...

    But, whatever that might be.. JIMIN ROCKED... like always...

    P.S.: Those crescent moons are his real tattoos... might not directly be related.. not so sure
  • Lin Kook
    A German Poem by Reiner Maria Rilke is written all over Jimin. And the Moon phases which are tattoed on his spine (you can see them at the end) are his real tattoos, like the 'nevermind' on his rips, the '13' on his left wrist and the 'youth' under his left ear, you can see all of them in the MV🥺
  • Taechwita
    I really like the stark contrast from the autotune to his voice, I feel like that’s really deliberate. Love the experimental sound and Jimin is so talented! Thanks Knox!!
  • sabina remil
    I think this is Jimin's message to the haters, the media and the entire industry to tell them that he is ready and wants to live his true freedom, he doesn't want to be restricted by stereotypes and industry standards and he will leave the panopticon to live by his rules.
  • Apobangpo 💜
    It’s called Part 2 because Agust D has a song from his mixtape called Set Me Free. While they are not connected as such, Jimin noted a similarity in themes (almost like a before and after) and as both artists have worked together before, this is now part 2. Hope you can check out more!
  • Lucy Tipler
    I’m so glad you made those comments on autotune! I LOVE what voice modulation can add to a track. Especially when it’s one like this song, that’s meant to feel a little eerie and unsettling! It’s using it as a tool rather than a crutch that’s important, and Jimin more than achieves that. Fab breakdown Knox 💜👏
  • Carla
    Your analysis has been the best so far. You have a knack for identifying and interpreting the symbolism in songs and performances. You know real talent and give credit where it's due. Look up that poem written on Jimin and it will show how spot on your interpretation was.
  • Sandra Sajimon
    I have a humble take on this. What's written on his chest is a German poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The English translation goes:

    "I live my life in widening circles
    that reach out across the world.
    I may not complete this last one
    but I give myself to it.

    I circle around God, around the primordial tower.
    I've been circling for thousands of years
    and I still don't know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a great song?"

    I think this poem is the best fit to explain his solo exploration. Because the first lines itself talks about "widening circles" as in expanding one's sphere or conquering different worlds. Sort of like the ripples in a pond, which is precisely the circles shown in his album covers. It's about growth as an artist and finding himself and his craft on the way. This is another phase of his life and guess what rhymes with "phase"! FACE.
  • Ding Dong
    Jimin’s words - “I would say the song has the energy of a light in the darkness. I wanted to express that kind of picture everyone has in their head — a ray of light coming into the darkness is the only thing you can see. If I had to say specific colors, I’d say black and white.” Thank YOU Knox!
  • C G
    Jimin is perfection in looks, dance, voice the whole package. I enjoyed how he used the autotune to distort his voice, giving texture and flexibility to his presentation.. Just GORGEOUS💜
  • IBG Music
    This song to me, feels like Jimin is facing his shadow like Suga in interlude shadow, mixed with On (gotta go insane to stay sane, and the black and white scheme they've been going with through map of the soul) and Lie.(the lift up at the end.) Actually a lot of themes similar to their previous albums, which is really cool imo. I'm really curious about how the album is going to be, cause this was really interesting. :O
  • Ma. Aurora Ruiz
    Thank you for your kind words for our Park Jimin. So glad you get it! This song is a masterpiece. Just like Park Jimin. Thank you for spreading positivity through your channel.
  • Dolinca
    GREAT REACTION.! You really get all the symbolism that is the genius of BTS…….and that Jimin has clearly MASTERED in his solo debut! Many commenters here have discussed the German poem on his chest, the panopticon that they are in for the video, Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio (what people see as a spiral or the number 9), the reference to Butterfly….it all is so perfectly interwoven to show Jimin’s inner struggles to overcome and his movement toward finally being FREE to be what he is as an artist True to himself! You are the only reactor that I have seen that has pointed our the hidden “enemy” that he sings toward the end…..I missed it too. I think the “enemies” are all the haters and doubters that he feels has held him back. Many underestimate the intelligence and power of this man…..I personally cannot wait for the world to finally see the REAL PARK JIMIN💜
  • Auto-tune in this powerful voice is... amazing stunning. I love it. Great effects, his voice is... spectacular.
  • Renee Zemlock
    They are inside a panopticon. The spiral is a Fibonacci sequence. The poem on his body is in German- it reads, "I live my life in growing circles/ which ring out over the things around me./ Perhaps I'll never finish the last,/ but that's what I'm going to try./ I'm circling around God, around the ancient tower,/ and I've been circling for thousands of years;/ and I still don't know: am I a falcon, a storm/ or a great song."

    You can catch glimpses of his "Nevermind" tattoo on his right ribcage in the first half of the MV and you can see that they had to cover it up in the second half so the poem could be written on him. He also as "13" on his inner left wrist, "Young" on the back of his left arm, "Forever" on the back of right arm, "7" on the inside of his left index finger, "Youth" behind his left ear, and the newest are the moon phases down his back. Until this MV, we've only seen the top one... he said we'll eventually see them all. :)

    The line, "Gotta go insane to stay sane" is borrowed from their song "ON". This MV was directed by the same guy that directed the MV for SUGA's "Shadow" on the "Map of the Soul 7" album. If you recall, that whole album was based on the psychologist Carl Jung's philosophy of the Persona, Shadow, and Ego. They tend to use the heavy autotune when singing about their shadow selves/darker halves... see "Shadow", "ON", "Black Swan"...

    Jimin will be on the Jimmy Fallon show on the 23rd and 24th next week! He is also prerecording live performances for the music award programs in Korea. This song is the fastest song IN HISTORY to reach #1 on iTunes in 100 Countries!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mariana Núñez
    I think it could be a spiral or the golden ratio. This young man is something elese. We can´t wait to get more of Jimin. His choreo!!!!
  • Jimin Just ended Kpop!! And this is Just the pre track 🤯🤯💜💜
    This is the Sassy, move over Jimin from the Tony Montana, Agust D track 👌👌 Love this side of him
    On his body is a German poem written from the 1800's